Thursday, March 13, 2014

Poetry from the Heart - My Past vs My Future

My Past vs My Future

I can never be the man I want to be
Because I can't let go of the man I once was
What is it going to take for me to live out my true destiny
Instead of being society's actor waiting for an applause
What I do know, is that I'm fighting a battle internally
The past versus the future, but neither one wish to withdraws
I have to decide because time is not going to wait on me
But its so much harder than choosing between straws
Never imagined I would be loved by so many
Sometimes I have to sit down and just pause
My mother raised me to practice and show humility
Yet people still find ways to love me despite my own flaws
But I've hurt a lot that have loved me and thats me speaking truthfully
Rendered pain that could equate that of ten lions paws
I guess its the Leo trait I possess deep down inside of me
But I've decided not to hurt no more: I need to stop breaking love's laws
So what will be the outcome
Guess I'll know when I overcome
Overcome what you may ask
The demons of my past that lingers in my mind
And the thoughts of my future that needs to marinate within time
That is my new task

Wednesday, November 20, 2013



He tried for months to get her attention through phone calls and texts
He couldn't figure out what direction to go, so he was stuck on what's next
He used to play the field and chased her for so long
He finally got her, then lost her, but her explanation seemed so wrong
He constantly asked to see her but her answers were pretty vague
Who would have ever thought that her heart was poisonous like a plague
He loved her dearly, because with her it was easy for him to commit
He kept her to himself, away from harm, brought on by the meddling public
His past however made it hard for her to trust him and had her mind clouded
And her actions were proof even though she said that she never doubted
She left because she felt ignored, a lack of attention and said he switched up
She still hasn't provided any proof but what's evident is that she got her priorities mixed up
All the time he was trying, he felt a little hope because feelings were much of the same
She told him she needed time to think because her heart was confused and she wanted to think with her brain
She told him she missed the convos about random things, his intelligence, his jokes, kisses, hugs, love and of course the sex
And that her thoughts of the last time they were in bed, lawd!!!! it was the best
Now this was months after, 5 months to be exact as he correctly recollect
Only to find out almost a year later, it was all lies, which left him feeling like a shipwreck
His friends knew how strong he is and kept wondering why it bothered him so hard
Only to realize that he truly cared about her and all she did was left him on the brokenhearted sad ward
She accused him, manipulated him with nothing but deceit
And now people see why his love register aka his heart is closed with no chance to print a receipt
He will move on because someone came to his rescue and took away his pain
And this person has made everything better from the moment she said his name
We live, we love, we get hurt but remember don't grudge
You must forgive even if you don't forget, and just look forward to what's next
His story has taught me a lot about life and how to live it
Its a story of betrayal, even though its painful, I'd rather receive than give it
This chapter of his life is closed because he decided to put an end to it
Now all that's left is to start a new chapter even if he has to fend for it
Moral of the story: Don't judge the package because you might miss out on the gift

Sunday, November 10, 2013



In times like these finding true love seems harder than anything else
That free spirited connection that bonds two people together
Not just for the moment but for all eternity
Why is love so hard to achieve if we all claim to be good people?
We all want to love somebody but we are all stuck in our ways
We follow traditions and talk about compromise and sacrifice
But do we really and truly practice that?
Then we have standards that we are never willing to change
Out of the fear of settling or for the mere fact that we are adamant 
That someone has to love you the way they found you
Or we carry over hurt feelings from past relationships without realizing
Which in turn hinders the proper growth of a new budding endeavor
Or is it the fact that we keep traveling down the same path expecting to yield a different result
Why does finding love seems so perplex?
Oh I know, its because we have made the most important attribute to be sex
Yet still the value of sex has declined over the years due to the high casual rate
How many of us take pride in it or just FUCK everyone we date?
How many of us feel emotions when that "special" someone holds you?
Do you feel secure? Do you feel wanted? Do you feel loved?
Or you're just giving in because you doubt you'll find anything better
The double standards and fear we have about love is so intriguing
Love is to give you those fleeting moments that unlock your inner beauty 
Its suppose to withstand the tests of time like the vows say through thick and thin
So why do everybody break up so fast when their relationship is tested by the weakest wind
We've gone from putting in the necessary time to let me try something new
When most of the time, we don't even realize that the main problem is YOU
We have to get back to the core meaning of love and not focus so much on outside factors
Let us open up hearts, we might get hurt, it sounds harsh, but we gotta stop living like actors

Wednesday, September 25, 2013



Some things we say sounds easy at times
But when we really get to the core we find it so difficult to make it happen
A lot of things are easy to make if we have the proper ingredients
But what happens when all you have is just a recipe alone
Life is like a farmers market filled with vegetables and fruits
Some are sweet, some are sour and some just not that good
But how do you know just which one to buy
When you can't taste them and you can't see whats on the inside
You can only touch and feel to see if they are hard or soft or if their even good
Looking for signs that show whether they are beat up or fresh
Well think about it, people are just like fruits and vegetables
Some are sweet, some are sour and some are just not that good
But how do we know which ones to trust
When we can only take their word and we can't see their true intentions
You are left with how they make you feel, whether hard, soft, good or bad
Leaving us searching for signs to see if this person is damaged or not
Life is unpredictable and about taking chances and calculated risks
No one is guaranteed to win, but you have to keep playing
Don't be blinded by end results that prevent you from seeing the process
Nothing in life is easy but sometimes we make things hard on ourselves
Stay fresh and ripe and be bounteous in your thinking
Then and only then you will be able to bear fruit like a well watered seed

Tuesday, July 23, 2013



I bring to you, my friends, fans and supporters: poetry thru music
Her name is Camille Kaye, who brings to you her first album called “Solstice”
Hailed from my motherland, she exudes so much traits of greatness
And trust me when I tell you this, her voice will leave you speechless
Her vibe, her style, has transformed like the changing of the season
Which shows growth, maturity and being at the top of her game: her craft can never accuse her of treason
With songs like “Trouble”, “Ring di Alarm” and my favorite “I Need U”
“So Dark”, “No Way Out” and “It Ain’t Love” will surely appease you
What more can I say about this young lady, she is truly talented and amazing
Click the link, check her page, and buy the album on Itunes and thanks for supporting

I love how the songs on this album deal with life and love and how Camille Kaye delivered them. You can hear a lot of passion in her voice, especially a bit more in some of her songs which makes you feel a personal connection. Her lyrics were definitely on point and her voice was amazing; not to mention, the beats were well crafted to fit the reggae/r&b sensation vocals.  It showed her true potential as an artiste budding to breakthrough into the mainstream and her future is brighter than a moonlit sky when the sun fades into the sunset and this album surely doesn't fall short from showcasing her talent. From the opening interlude to the 1st bar, to the last note, she delivered quality vocals, dynamic lyrics and and created a resounding masterpiece......

Thursday, July 11, 2013

POETRY #15 - I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!

I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!

I don't know what it is
Sometimes I just can't comprehend
We chase, we court, we see the signs
But when we approach they say let's just be friends
Was I wrong to think this way
Or I'm just blind to admit you led me on
Did I follow my heart or my gut
Wouldn't matter because they both said carry on
With expressing my feelings, that is, from deep down within
But it's like it was never meant to be, you made up your mind just as I was about to begin
Just let me explain, I love our convos, and our personalities coincide
You know exactly how I feel, so why can't you tell me how you feel inside
Are you scared that I just might be the one
Or the fear of your failed past relationships still linger on
I don't know what to think but ill pick up my pride and try to move on
But it's hard for me think that you thought that I only wanted to get my groove on
No love lost just a love that never made it out to blossom
So it's back to residing in single land, it's cool but it sometimes it just grows too lonesome

Thursday, April 25, 2013



It’s always intriguing as to how your mind can work at times
You can hate something at one point and then love it at another
It makes you wonder why things are not always definite
And why outcomes change from what you envisioned
It’s even harder when you get no help from your heart as well
Because I’ve always said emotions is a hell of a thing
You can have a predetermined solution about a problem
And then that problem shows its face and your entire thought process switches
It has dawned upon me that your heart and mind control your life
Life is unpredictable and emotions cloud judgments at time
But how do we control our actions and our thought process
That’s still a task I know for me personally I’ve yet to conquer
There are people and things in my life that I love and miss
And for whatever reason, I wish I could turn back the hands of time
I say things and they say things that don’t make the situation any better
But for some reason when I’m around them, I wish it was all good
Some may say, don’t be prideful because valuable time is wasting
And at times even though you know, you wait instead of act
Reconciliation can play a number on your heart and mind
Because when each opportunity to do so is gone, you pray for more time
Internal battles of the soul can pull on your deepest heart string
Because what is lost can never be replaced
And it makes you yearn for so much more
That in the end, it leaves you hopeful for that day of warm embrace