Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wacky Media : Future Wife by Scooba Steve

Scooba shows us that he's not only talented behind the camera but also amazing with his Lyrical Artform

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Epiphany Revisited by Wacky Jr

Im realizing how painful life is
And the more I embrace it, I end up wearing life bandages
The things and people we love sometimes hurt us the most
They make us laugh and smile but sometimes don't even recognize us like a ghost
They kill the soul with back chatter and denounce the third person
And just leaves you wondering if life is going to get better or just start to worsten
We try to hold back the tears not to show the burden on our shoulders
But the more and more we try, the problem just get bigger than two boulders
We continuously ask ourselves why is this happening to me and what did I do
We sit down to try and find a solution but can't find a hint or a clue
The problems we face seem so unresolvable and sometimes tend to drown us
And all the nah-sayers, haters, wannabees and doubters think its the perfect time to clown us
Now we are extremely busy seeking an outlet where we can vent away all our emotions
Trying to be like sand on the beach, so we can wash them all away by the oceans
You start to feel like no one cares or no one understands whats going on
And start to feel like you're not worthwhile like a chess board with only one pawn
But as we all know cuts heal and the bandages eventually get pulled away
And as painful as life can be, tomorrow can be a better day
Don't ever get fooled and think that people is gonna always love you
Because a name don't make a family, its defined by what people do to you
So life may come at us with darts, shots and heavyweight blows
But what makes you who you are is the faith and determination that one shows
So never give up and think that you cannot endure through these strains
Because life was not made of only happiness, its also filled with pains
We just have to bear it and suffer but like all pain, it eventually subside
Even though life is painful, still embrace it and don't you run away and hide
The cuts and bruises of life sometimes leave scars that let us remember the pain
But it doesnt only show what we went through but what we overcame
So I will stand firm in belief, because I know life will get better
And I will always keep hope so that I never become a quitter
I will meet life head on and take on life challenges
Because life painful cuts and bruises get healed after you take away the bandages

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