Monday, November 28, 2011



My heart is aching and its not because I only miss my mom
I wake up everyday with goals and aspirations just like everyone
Wanting to conquer the world and achieve so much in life
But by day end's reality sets in and disappointment cuts like a knife
Never wear your problems on your sleeve is the motto my grandma said to live by
But it tends to be so painful just keeping feelings inside, all that's left is to sigh
I keep on wondering to myself, did I set the bar too high?
Did I keep it real with myself or am I just living a lie?
Nothing seems attainable anymore no matter how hard I try
I feel like just giving up on everything because I just can't get a bly
Are you crazy? My conscience is not letting the weak mentality take residence
You better get your ass up and try again, and use patience and obedience
Life gets so hard that we tell ourselves we can't do it and its impossible
And without staying strong and focused we get blinded by what's not credible
But we have to put fear aside, take it out our minds and believe in ourselves
Instead of giving up and not doing anything like old bottles on shelves
Boy I told you, life has gotten to me a couple times and you may feel the same
But I'm gonna stand tall, work hard for what I want, so I can say I overcame
Struggles only make us stronger, and being at rockbottom only makes us aim high
Stay focused on what inspires you and soon enough you'll believe you can fly
One thing about life is if you're alive, you
have the oppurtunity to do what you didn't get a chance to yesterday
And even if we are not all Christians, aint nothing like when you kneel down and pray
Some may say this and same may say that is all you need
But let us not all be followers,  let's take initiative, and set examples as we lead


  1. You have a way with words, my friend!

  2. This is really nice and well written #talented

  3. Very nice words

  4. Very nice and powerful poem. We all can relate to this.

  5. Sooo Real...great work

  6. Trials come to make us strong. Without obstacles you would never know what you are made of. Happy that you are still striving. Continue to encourage others with your words......

  7. Excellent to say the least. I could feel the emotion in these words. Creative expression at its finest.

  8. Needed to read those words just now..was feeling the same way. Loved it!