Wednesday, April 11, 2012

POETRY 30/30 - IN DA STREETS!!!!!!!


Guns, weed, knives, crack, cocaine, we find them in the streets everyday
Young, old, rich, poor, even police; they never discriminate on who to get slay
I'm tired of watching the news because all I see is killings
I need to change my career to a grave yard owner, consider all the diggings
Too many gangs in the streets and nowadays everybody got a lion heart
But hearts get stopped too, doesn’t matter if it’s a bullet or if it’s just a poison dart
The streets that we live in is filled with anger, unrest and a whole lot of fear
And these kids don’t care; they brag and boast everyday about this ghetto warfare
Not only do the slums fight a lot, you have rich boys uptown trying to be down
They will kill for trophies, is this some joke, these people smile when we frown
I always thought that poverty and garrisons was the main reason for a lot of murders
But these days, you can tie in laziness, instant gratification, nobody believes in work, they only believe in burners
Everybody wants the street life because it’s believed to be the fastest way to success
I can never condone killing your own kind just so you can pawn his or her platinum necklace
I’ve seen friends killed right in front of me while they eat their food over drug money
And just because it happened in the streets, a lot of people laugh at a loss life like it was something funny
I’ve seen the innocence of a child, and life taken away from the elderly
All because of stray gun battles: are you telling me that this was their destiny
In the streets is too hot, it’s too rough, I'm telling you, it’s too wicked
I keep wondering how people kill sometimes, but these murders prove that their hearts are frigid
I’ve lost too many friends, a lot of enemies and innocent family in the streets
There is no justification for a 12 year old to be robbing a grown ass man, just for his BEATS
When I was a juvenile at that age, I was playing video games and just being cool
But these young people in 2012, half of them don't even wanna go to school
The streets say they’re real but it’s so ironic that they rob and kill just to be like others
Fake wannabees, fake thugs, you hate to see your mom cry but you kill anyway and leave the world with sad mothers
I’m glad to say I’ve been in the streets, but I knew it wasn’t for me, even got caught in the system
Being in the streets, won’t help you, you’ll just become another statistic, just another victim


  1. Great poem, but my question is how do we help stop the violence? We don't live in a society where a community helps raise the youth. Its every man, woman and child out here for themselves.

  2. TRUTH. It honestly shocks me that this gang and gun violence is just as prominent as it was in 1995. It's just hidden & not covered as much. It won't stop because people do see it as a joke, kids are coming up not caring about anything. It's scary.